"The yogi has taken the opportunity to encounter the imperishable Self, before all that is transient disappears." ~ B.K.S. Iyengar, Light On Life


About Yoga

One teacher does not fit all. Please try a wide variety of teachers and styles.


Artist Bio

Erin grew up in San Francisco, California where she studied and worked in photography and broadcast while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University. She worked as a writer, reporter, editor, journalist, photographer and editorial columnist for numerous media outlets across the country.

Erin has a lifelong Yoga practice and became a certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) through Lisette Hart at Yoga Branch program in 2010.  Erin shoots Yoga portraits exclusively including models featuring apparel by Soltree, KiraGrace and Alo Clothing. Her work can be seen on Yoga Studio and Yoga Teacher websites including Kelli Russell Yoga and Yoga Branch. One of Erin’s Yoga portraits was recently seen in Yoga Journal magazine and chosen as the book cover for Doron Yoga, published in 2016.


Artist Influences


Inspired by Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga legend, Santa Monica based Bryan Kest / Bryan on Facebook.

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