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Fawnskin Lodge GALLERY

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Stephen Pearcy / RATT 2017 So cool to shoot San Diego native Stephen in Encinitas.

Shoot date: December 2, 2017.


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Martina and Ella: Angels on the Beach Angels on the beach 

Shoot date: July 29, 2017 


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Kelli and Malin at Windansea...

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Yoga Flow San Francisco April 2017  

Tom & Neil Gallery 

Yoga Flow San Francisco

Tom's Website 


Neil's Website 


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Down by the Sea... Wind and Sea ...

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Sherri Miller Surfer Girl Shoot Date: August 13, 2016

Location: Carlsbad, California

1970 Westy provided by "Big Dave"

Sherri Miller, Surfer Girl 

Gallery in Progress: September, 2016

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Kim & Kelli at La Jolla Shores  

Shoot Date: August 12, 2016

Location: La Jolla Shores, California

Kelli Russell, San Diego Yoga Teacher

Kim Chapman, San Diego Yoga Teacher

Gallery in Progress: September 2016

Gallery Link

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Nelson Ghost Town  

Shoot Date: 4.30.16

Nelson, Nevada

Fringe Clothing Awesomeness by Peace & OM

Gallery Link

Newsletter Link

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Shoot Date: 2.7.16

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House of Yogi: East  

Featuring Owner Shaun Jenkins



Shoot Date: 2.6.16

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The lost images ... I just recovered the last two images I shot before being hit by a wave, camera RIP. I never thought I'd see them. Notice how in the second one, the whitewater is both in front of my camera and also, inside my skull. 


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MY FIRST BOOK COVER... <mic drop> I'm very excited to find out one of my portraits was selected for the cover of Doron's new book "The Yoga Lifestyle" coming out in June, 2016. Click here for Doron's Wind and Sea Gallery 

Coming June, 2016 from Doron Hanoch. 

These were the last images I ever shot with my Canon 5D Mk1. Legendary way to go out, Canon!! It wasn't for nothing. Unless his book sucks. Just kidding. 

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Bye Bye Camera One of the last images I shot with my camera before I blindsided by mother nature and by a wave, camera in hand. It paid the ultimate price for shooting on the beach. At high tide. While looking at a Yogi doing a handstand. And not looking at the giant wave about to slam into the right side of my face. My bad. RIP CAMERA! 

Featuring Doron Hanoch and some passerby in La Jolla, California. September 2015.

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The Kelli Russell at Mission San Luis Rey and Vista Botanical Gardens

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Beth Higginbotham  


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Heidi DeBrincat and Studio H - Long Beach Heidi DeBrincat, Owner

Studio H Conditioning



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Kelli Russell featuring 9 year old Ryan Makenna Russell

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