19.Sarah Bond
Erin exceeded my expectations throughout the entire process from the beginning consultation through the final photographs! She went out of her way to give me helpful advice and make me feel comfortable throughout the photo shoot. She inspired and created a truly memorable experience! Erin delivered high quality, "magical" pictures perfectly suited to meet the needs of the project! I highly recommend Erin Blair!
I loved working with Erin, she was quick to get the shot and has such a great eye for capturing the perfect picture.
17.Doron Hanoch(non-registered)
Erin has the ability to bring to life the power from within. Her photos are powerful and capture the eye and heart. She is fun and easy to work with. I love the photos she took of me!
16.Jim Zink(non-registered)
From one photographer to another, my highest regards for your portrayals of strong, embodied, realized women. Beautifully done.
14.Dannette Rusnak
Erin it was such a joy to work with you. You create such peace with your energy, warmth, and humor. And the peace and joy really came through in the photos. They exceeded my expectation. I am so pleased! And excited to use them on my new gentle yoga website. Thank you so very much!
13.Heidi DeBrincat(non-registered)
Thank you so much Erin!
I can't tell you how happy I am with all the photos. Once you do your magic they become like artwork, I really appreciate your talent.
12.Adam Murray(non-registered)
Erin if I get in front of your camera could you make me look at least half as good as everyone else?

Such awesome photography and a wonderful woman :-)
11.Charles Torres(non-registered)
Erin is an outstanding photographer! Has an eye for detail and shows some real passion when it comes to this art form. A real pleasure to work with and captures photos that you will truly appreciate. Erin will even go to certain degrees to capture the perfect shot :)
10.Kelli Russell(non-registered)
Erin is so easy to shoot with! She has a great eye, keeps the shoot light hearted, and makes you so comfortable. She has a great ability to catch that one PERFECT MOMENT. I love Erin's photography!

You do beautiful work!! Thank you :)
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